On 9 December, 2016 It was my last fifth semester practical exam so after giving that one of my friend asked for the videos of Udacity FrontEnd Nanodegree I opened my laptop and here is the email from Google Japan with subject “ Google Japan — Next steps on your application” I was so excited thinking that yes finally my resume passed from their ATS (When you apply in any company the resume is saved in their Application Tracking System which is used by the recruiter to select candidates by searching through all the resumes using some keywords because no one has that much time to look through every resume because they receive more than 75,000 job applications every week).
This is not the first time I have applied in Google I have applied in my second year also for the EP Intern but received no response from them because I think I was late that time because they complete all interns hiring by January for summers as answers written on Quora. So I check their job portal in every 15–20 days and apply for the positions relevant to me and update my resume on the monthly basis. I have received response after applying more than 30+ times through their portal so Yes, patience pays…
As the first step in the process I have to fill one survey form asking some basic details. After that on 16 December, 2016 received the email with subject “ Google Japan — Confirmation of Online Quiz”. They have scheduled the online test on 20 December, 2016 and I have to submit the code on the portal. It was something like Google APAC but with no scoreboards.
On 20 December, 2016 There were 2 questions on the quiz out of which I am able to pass 33/101 test cases for first question and 11/100 test cases for second question. The questions were of medium level out of which one was on graph. Also It was written on the on instructions that they will make the next steps based on the code that I have submitted and my resume.
Finally today 22 December, 2016 2:21 P.M. got the email with subject “ Google Japan — Update on your application” This was the rejection email from them. :(
I missed the awesome opportunity this year and will try again next year
For those who want to prepare for the Internship/Full Time this resource (https://github.com/jwasham/google-interview-university) is more than enough to crack interviews at Google. Here Google doesn’t means only Google it means the company which builds cool products using the concepts of Computer Science in a highly creative way.

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