This week I have spent my time working on following issue:

Nice view for JSON data

Show data in json format for datatype other than json

This is how to check the string is in JSON format of not.

function isJsonString(str) {
try {
} catch (e) {
return false;
return true;

Removed inline Javascript

removed inline onclick javascript

I uses the following code to remove remove javascript.

$(selector).click(function() {
//do something

Import/Export Progress bar

I tried solving this issue by setting the cookie and the retriving the cookie to show the progress but the setcookie() in php failed when used after setting the header.

So as this doesn’t worked I have now created a new table in phpMyAdmin Configuration Storage database. I am running behind my timeline as this seems to be difficult compared to my expectations.

This next week issue has already been resolved my me during the community bonding period so I expect this to complete it by this week.

Next Steps

This was my seventh week progress. I will post an update for this week soon.

This was originally posted on my medium account.

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