Here is the list of issues on which I have worked this summer.

#1: Implement responsive/mobile interface

As the number of mobile users are increasing day by day so responsive design should be implemented into phpMyAdmin.

  • Proposed Design
  • Added Viewport
  • Used CSS Media Queries
  • 30+ Pages
  • Fixed Tests Cases

Pull Request:

Status: Merged

#2: Nice view for JSON data

It will add the feature to have an easy view of the JSON data of a column of a table. Right now it shows in only one line, without any kind of format, so we can have an option to show when you are viewing a table with JSON data or when editing a nice JSON view.

Pull Request:

Status: Merged

#3: Remove inline javascript

There are several places which uses inline javascript (like onclick, onsubmit and onchange). These should be removed and placed into javascript files. After removal we can get rid of ‘unsafe-inline’ for scripting in CSP.

  • Removed onmouseover
  • Removed onmouseout
  • Removed onmousedown
  • Removed onsubmit
  • Removed onchange
  • Removed onclick

Pull Requests

Status: Merged

#4: Disable charset conversion during import when SET NAMES is present

If the import file is not in supported formats and it’s not ‘utf-8’ then it runs the SET NAMES for the selected charset during the import option. So I will disable the second time encoding if the selected charset is same as that of the charset mentioned in the SET NAMES.

Pull Request:

Status: Review

#5: Import/Export Progress bar

It would be really nice to have a progress bar showing import and export progress in real time in terms of percentage and having some more detailed information like which step/table it is processing.

For Export (export.php will be used)

Export Status in Percentage (including how many tables and rows have been already processed and which is in progress right now)

For Import (import.php will be used)

Upload a file and Unzip it. Import into a database (including how many tables and rows have been already processed and which is in progress right now)

Pull Request:

Status: Review

#6: Password “No” shown for user not in user table

When a user has access to a db (or table), but is not in the user table he’s shown as not having a password. Even after successfully running the query delete from mysql.user where user = ‘test’ I was still able to login with the test account.

I will show the message “NO” without red mark and with showing an information icon with a tooltip saying that the user exists in some tables but not the user table.

Pull Request:

Status: Merged

#7: Fallback to default table names

The PMA should fallback to default table names if controluser + pmadb options are set while other like ‘relation’, ‘column_info’ are NOT in

So if the above conditions are matched I will make all features that are listed as Enabled instead of Disabled.

Pull Request:

Status: Merged

Weekly Blog Posts

I have also posted the weekly update for my project. Following are the links of every week that includes the details and links to pull requests.

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Project Presentation Link

I have also presented this project in my college also. So here it the link of the presentation


I have learned a lot of new things. This organisation have the best community I have seen it till now. I will keep on contributing to this organisation to make phpmyadmin better.

Thanks phpyadmin for the awesome summer and special thanks to my project mentor Isaac Bennetch :)

This was originally posted on my medium account.

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