I have explored the codebase and now I have started working on the major issue of the project.

1. Improve responsive/mobile interface


This is main work for the first 3 weeks. This is my progress till now

a) Added viewport meta tag: https://github.com/manishbisht/phpmyadmin/commit/7e557cd444f59a614e95cf1d99c5607b9f008bce

b) Basic responsive navigation implemented: Code cleanup and more improvements is required as suggested on mailing list https://github.com/manishbisht/phpmyadmin/commit/eedfbe0703fca2add226c7eddca3454470f85506

Next Steps

I will spend my next week on Improve responsive/mobile interface task

This was my second week progress. I will post an update for this week soon.

This was originally posted on my medium account.

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